Car and Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles have been viewed negatively by many people, and public perception of motorcycles and riders are that they are always the one at fault during a motorcycle and auto accident. The misperception is mainly due to the influence and image of riders and motorcycles portrayed stereotypically in the media and literature, and this has affected how people view riders or motorcyclists, and when they are involved in a road collision they are seen immediately as the one at fault.

What car and truck drivers should know about riders or motorcyclists is that because of their small size, they can be difficult to see on the road, and are difficult to determine the speed and distance when on the road. Also, that the time needed for motorcycles to stop is about the same with other vehicles on the road; therefore it would always be better to maintain a safe distance from a motorcycle, especially on slippery roads. Motorist also often tend to forget to yield when turning, resulting to collisions because the motorist simply did not see the rider or motorcyclist before turning. Riders or motorcyclists, on the other hand, should understand that they are should make their presence known when they are on the road, making sure that other motorists are aware that they are there and maintain a safe distance.

There are several ways in which a rider can cause an accident while they are on the road, and these are mainly because of their dangerous driving habits rather than being in motorcycles. Numerous driving conducts is mainly what causes people to view motorcyclists in bad light. According to the Mokaram Law Firm, these negative driving conducts are what hinders in claiming the financial compensation from insurance companies after an auto accident. Due to the fact that motorcyclists have very little protection compared to other motorists, injuries after a road accident often result in serious to life-threatening results. Riders should be aware of safety protocols as well as their rights on the road and know how to protect them, particularly after a road accident.

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