Cruise Ship Injuries

Aside from entertainment and relaxation, cruise ships aim to provide safety and security in all forms. This includes food health and safety. A single batch of bad food can easily cause serious cases of food poisoning, affecting a significant number of passengers. Just as with anywhere else, coping with food poisoning can be difficult because the place that you are located, which is the closed quarters of the cruise ship.

Food poisoning is not exclusive for cruise ships; many other places such as hotels, resorts, dormitories, and other places that are closed-quarters can be affected by food poisoning. Food poisoning is less common on personal watercraft such as personal sailboats and fishing yachts. It is not exclusive for sea vessels, but since cruise ships are regularly monitored and required to submit reports of outbreaks they get more publicized. Fortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the government agency tasked to keep the sanitation, hygiene, and overall cleanliness of the cruise ship and its employees.

Those who become afflicted of food poisoning can file a lawsuit against the cruise ship management, although it may be a difficult fight. It may be easier if there is more than one victim of food poisoning or norovirus (a very common and contagious form of gastroenteritis) from one food source. The Louis A. Vucci, PA, a law firm specializing in cruise ship passenger claims, advocates that although large financial costs can be grounds for a passenger claim, sit would be better to have more plaintiffs for a passenger’s claim to become more valid.

In order to ensure that the passenger claim is authentic, it is essential to prove that the food or contamination on the cruise ship was the main cause of the ailment. This can be done through examination and testing. To have proper documentation and evidence can help in ensuring that the fault lies with the negligence of the cruise and, so that compensation for all the damages will be awarded to the victim.

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