How I Overcame My Fear of the Dentist

We all have our fears, none of which should bring the feeling of shame. I, for one, had a fear of the dentist. I couldn’t get over it; I can’t see what they are doing with all those whirring noises and sharp objects, and I was so scared of them ruining my smile. This fear had me in and out of dental offices, creating appointments and then never really following through with any of them. It is an unfortunate scenario since dental work is essential for the health of your teeth. 

As with any other fear, overcoming it seems simple when you’re away from it. It’s easy to say “sure, I’ll sit still this time” when you’re at home looking to make another appointment, but once you’re there, things are very different. After a few attempts, I got fed up. I started to look online for ways to overcome a fear of the dentist since apparently, I wasn’t able to figure it out on my own. 

That’s when I stumbled upon a great article covering the same topic. It lists a few options for ways to deal with your fear of the dentist. Not all of these ways will help you get over your fear, but they will certainly help you cope with the anxiety. Not all of these work for everyone, since all cases differ entirely. However, what worked best for me was bringing along a family member I could trust, as well as my music so I could distract myself while controlling my breathing. I was still terrified, but this combination of things allowed me to lessen the fear for some time while the dentist got work done. 

As time progressed, I slowly got used to it to the point where I was daydreaming. I wasn’t looking at what tools he was using, or listening to any of their sounds. I just laid back and got work done on my teeth, and the next thing I knew, I was being patted on the shoulder and heard some mumbling. I had my music turned up a little too loud, but when I took out my earbuds, I was blown away when the dentist told me he was done. I moved my tongue around my mouth, and everything felt intact. I was surprised but overjoyed. Sure, it was still scary at first. Even the next couple of times I went after that I was scared and had to do the same thing. The second time didn’t go as smoothly, but I still mustered up enough courage to let the dentist get his job done. 

It feels like a miracle to me, finally being able to make an appointment with the dentist and be done with it. I’d highly recommend taking a look at the list of options at your disposal and exploring the ones that feel best for you because coping with your fear is incredibly liberating.

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