Some Burn Injuries Will Not Go Away with a Kiss

The most common burn injury is from scalding. It could be a spilled cup of coffee, or steam rising from a pot of noodles. In most cases, these are minor injuries, and many of us have had our mothers had made the “boo-boo” go away by planting a kiss on the spot. As Sampson Law Firm personal injury lawyers say on their website, not all burn injuries are so easy to treat, unfortunately.

There are three levels of burns. The best kind (because it heals more quickly) is a first-degree burn. It only affects the first layer of skin, but since it also exposes the nerves, it is quite painful. The burned area becomes red and slightly swollen. It is important to run cool water or a wet cloth immediately on the area to keep the swelling down and minimize blisters. Do not use ice, as it will damage the skin more. Keep it open and apply an antiseptic solution if the skin breaks to prevent infection.

Second-degree burns are more serious and painful than first-degree burns because they go deeper down the skin layers. The skin looks wet, very red and blotchy. Second-degree burns can lead to fluid loss, so extensive injuries (more than 10% of the body area) can send a person into shock. There is also a greater risk of infection. A medical professional should treat any burn area more than 3 inches in diameter. For first aid of second-degree burns, cover any open blisters with a clean cloth or gauze pad. Do not attempt to remove any clothing stuck to the area. Healing takes about two weeks and you can expect some scarring for extensive burns.

The most serious is of course third-degree burns. These burn injuries go all the way down the inner skin layers, and may even penetrate deeper. The skin is effectively dead, so there will be no pain, but the surrounding skin tissue will be very painful and tender. People with third degree burns will experience considerable body fluid and heat loss, and can easily go to shock. They need immediate medical treatment. If the burn victim survives, they will have to undergo debridement (removal) of the dead skin, and skin grafting. This is a long, painful process, and scars are inevitable.

In many cases, negligence plays a part in causing serious burn injuries. If you have been a victim of negligence, you will need to seek compensation. You may face high medical costs, and long-term disfigurement. Contact a burn injury lawyer in your area for more information.

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